Pulse Zero Trust Access for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid IT Secure Access 

PZTA enhances productivity, simplifies management
and mitigates risks

Streamline anywhere, anytime access

Always-on, secure, direct device-to-application

Enhanced activity monitoring and response

Detect and mitigate anomalies and refine more effective application access policies

Increased compliance and governance

Adherence to the Cloud Security Alliance software-defined perimeter architecture means end-to-end security and a reduced attack surface

Investment protection

Coexisting with our comprehensive, zero trust portfolio allows for zero gaps in security and compliance while also eliminating extensive user retraining while preserving a seamless experience

What is Pulse ZTA?

PZTA is a Zero Trust, cloud-based secure access service that enables organizations to provide users easy, compliant direct access to applications and resources located in the cloud or data center. 

Multi-tenant zero trust architecture

Requires authentication and authorization before access is granted

Extensive authentication

Negates unauthorized user and vulnerable device access before session establishment 

Flexible on premise and cloud deployment

Gateways can be deployed closest to applications for optimized performance and scale

Maximum data privacy and sovereignty

All user and application data encrypted between client and gateway

Single pane of glass administration

End-to-end access visibility, compliance, and policy enforcement

Broad application support

From segmented Layer 3 and 4 to micro-segmented application access

Adaptive security controls

Extensive user and device attributes analyzed before and during access

Resource shielding

Dark Cloud support – attackers can’t hack what they can’t see 

Built-in UEBA

Identify malicious and anomalous activity, and expedite threat response

Cloud-native service

Get up and running in a matter of hours

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